Hello World!

21 Apr 2014

This is yet another attempt to start a personal blog (I already tried doing a blog of security, and another blog about poems), I even tried to collaborate in a technology blog.

But this time, I wanted to keep it as simple as I can and concentrate in the content only, I want to talk about everything that matters to me: security, Web Development, Startups, Philosophy, Movies, etc. But all from my personal stand of view. This means, you should not in any way take what I write as facts, also, I planning to do all my posts in english, this is simple because most people I know already can read it without problem, while some can’t understand spanish, which is my primary language, which also means, there may be many ortographic errors in my posts, I apologize in advance and would like to let me know if you spot one.

Lastly, I’m using Jekyll, and Github pages to host this blog, and I’m probably using [Disqus] to provide comments feedback for the posts.

Have fun! :D

introduction posts-in-english